Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Tips for Transferring by Connor

1.Meet the GPA requirement
2.Finish required classed
3.Have enough money

About GPA:

Different schools have different GPA requirements.Cal-states university usually around 3.0
UC schools usually around 3.5

Also, different majors also have an impact of GPA requirement. Generally, a hard major with less people attend often has a lower GPA requirement.

Tips for maintaining a decent GPA:

1. Know your teacher!  Go to and search your instructor name before you choose the class.

This website collects all the rating index and students' common with the previous student. At the website, you can get the brief informational about the courses and professor.

2.You can choose:
Some classes give you options.  Grade.  Pass or no pass,  Withdraw from the course.
to avoid a bad grade that influence your GPA.
Please check the deadline date before you do it!

3.Professor usually understand that we have a language and cultural difficulty to study in the U.S.
Always try to ask: if there is a way to extra credit.
They usually will offer you this kind of opportunity.

4. Based on your Education plan You can always take some easy class or class that you like to boost up your GPA grade.
As long as the class give you unit to transfer, you can take them.

These plan B and C are also determine what class that you have to take before you transfer to your dream university.

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