Tuesday, September 8, 2015

First week fall semester first blog

The first few weeks is always a little bit tough. As a Chinese student who study alone in America, I have to do everything by myself; Such as add class, pay tuition, solve housing problem..etc. It's kind of tough for me, but I know I will become a more independent person after this "training", which is one of the purpose that I choose to study abroad. Sometimes I feel dizzy when I was too busy to relax, but seems life gave me a big surprise is all my professors are quite specialty and all have sense of humor which makes me feel happy and joyful when I am in class. Nice professors helps me more focus on study,I will work harder than last semester!

About last week, finally I've got some free time to relax on the beach in the weekend. I love SoCal so much especially sunshine and beaches here.I know not only person who love those beautiful things. anyway, good luck to myself and all of you! :D