Thursday, December 8, 2016

Final tips!

Hi, how are you guys doing? The fall semester 2016 comes to an end, the final week is coming next week!! However, don't be overstressed, just relax and apply your knowledge to the final exam. Here are some final tips for you guys.

First, check your final schedule on MiraCosta College website, give yourself enough time to find parking place, make sure you bring the pencil and Scantron(if needed).

Second, the weekend before the final week is always a good time to review, but don't stay up to late. You should believe yourself and be confident, just go to sleep early and get ready for the exam.

Third, if you feel stressed, there are some ways to relieve stress. Trying to listen some music, drinking a cup of tea, sleeping better. Doing these will help you a lot.

After the final exam, it is winter break!! How exciting is it. If you plan to go back your country or travel out of America, don't forget to go to international office with your I-20.

Good luck to your final, guys! And have a wonderful winter break.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

How to success in MiraCosta College by Xiaochen

Hi, how are you guys doing? I believe everyone comes to College for a reason. But why MiraCosta College? Because MiraCosta college can make your goals come true. If you want to be successful, either get an AA education or transfer to 4 year university, then MiraCosta is the right place for you.

Counseling center is here to help!!

When you come to MiraCosta, maybe you have a plan in your mind. If you don't have, don't worry. You can always ask for help from our professional counselors. The Counseling Center offers personal counseling to assist every student in developing academic goals and major. Also it is very convenient. For general question, you can just drop in, there is no need to make appointment. If you have academic problems, you can make an appointment. If your schedule is very tight, you can use the online live support. Looking for more information, just visit our counseling website.

Tutoring center is here to help!!

Sometimes, you are confused about academic questions. Except asking for help to your professor, you can always go to tutoring center and get help for FREE. The tutoring center is available for 130 courses, the schedule is from Monday to Friday, through day and evening hours. Just make an appointment with the tutoring center and choose your tutor, you can get free help. How exciting is it! MiraCosta also offers online tutoring, so you can get help in everywhere. Looking for more information, check the tutoring center website.

Career center is here to help!!

When you are clear about your goal, you may want to find a job to support your tuition or get some working experience. MiraCosta always offers a lot of job opportunities to students! You can find on-campus job, Internship, or off campus work through Optional Practical Training.  Just make an appointment with one of the excellent staff in career center, they will help you find the right job for you. Also they will help you with resume and cover letter. They want every student to be successful in career. Looking for more information and event, check our career center website.

With all these professional and perfect resources from MiraCosta College, you can be successful in study and career area. You are not alone when you study abroad, there are many excellent staff to help you and make your dream come true!! Come to MiraCosta College, let us help you!