Thursday, May 7, 2015

What to do after you have been admitted by a Four-Year College/University

I will start this blog by announcing my good news: I applied to UC Berkeley, UCLA, UCI, and UCSD last winter and I just found out I was admitted to ALL of them!! (I couldn't do it without MiraCosta~) Next, I am going to talk about what steps are required after you have received your admission letter from a four-year institution.

  1. Notice your current school and your family about such good news!
  2. Accept your admission at the school you are going to transfer to. For factors about how to choose your future four-year college, please view my earlier blog: Steps to transfer to a four-year university.
  3. Plan your Graduation Ceremony at MiraCosta. For more information, contact the Student Activity Office by April. (760-795-6690)
  4. Order your official transcript, and/or IGETC Certification, and/or American Institution Requirement Certification from Admission and Records before the school deadlines. 
  5. Follow specific instructions announced or emailed by your newly admitted college, such as register for a student ID account, complete SIR form, request transfer for your SEVIS from MiraCosta to your future college, apply for housing, and so on. 
  6. Meet with a counsoler at MiraCosta to ensure your current educational plan satisfy all requirements necessary for a successful transfer and/or an Associate Degree or Certificate of Proficiency.
  7. Make sure you constantly visit and update your transfer application for your next college/university, and I highly recommend that you make a checklist and write down the deadlines and events associated with the transfer process
  8. Communicate with whoever is sponsoring your college tuition about additional financial documents/ funding evidence the four-year college may request to present. 
  9. Based on your budget for the next two years, select the most economical/affordable options for your housing, meal plan, classes, insurance, transportation, and/or job opportunities in the future. 
  10. Planning your travel and stay for school visits, welcome party, orientations, group/private tours, traveling during your summer break, or earlier arrivals at your future college/university
  11. Don't need to feel stressed or anxious about this process because Every Single Transfer Student goes through the same steps, not to mention those who are overseas! Just make sure you are doing what you have been told to do by your future college/university and enjoy your summer!