Thursday, December 8, 2016

Final tips!

Hi, how are you guys doing? The fall semester 2016 comes to an end, the final week is coming next week!! However, don't be overstressed, just relax and apply your knowledge to the final exam. Here are some final tips for you guys.

First, check your final schedule on MiraCosta College website, give yourself enough time to find parking place, make sure you bring the pencil and Scantron(if needed).

Second, the weekend before the final week is always a good time to review, but don't stay up to late. You should believe yourself and be confident, just go to sleep early and get ready for the exam.

Third, if you feel stressed, there are some ways to relieve stress. Trying to listen some music, drinking a cup of tea, sleeping better. Doing these will help you a lot.

After the final exam, it is winter break!! How exciting is it. If you plan to go back your country or travel out of America, don't forget to go to international office with your I-20.

Good luck to your final, guys! And have a wonderful winter break.

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