Thursday, November 10, 2016

How to transfer from MiraCosta College to 4 year university (focus on the process of applying) by Xiaochen

Hi guys, I am a Chinese student who have been studied in MiraCosta College for two and half years. I have a great experience here and I really love the teaching style in MiraCosta College, which is small class. After I finish my general education in here, I have to transfer to four-year university. So I will start to working on my application this year during October to November!

I believe many international students want to transfer to 4 year university from MiraCosta College! Then it is the time!! So today I gonna show you guys about how to apply the CSU university.

When you fulfill the requirement, just wait for the apply
date. Remember transferring to CSU is October 1 -
November 30. Choose your ideal university. And one tip
for you guys: when you apply the university, try to apply
at least three universities. Giving yourself more chances to get in a good university.

Let's take a look about the application page. This is where you gonna apply the unviersity. The website is  First step is create an account, make sure your email is correct. Because the university will inform you through your email. Second, fill up the information they need. Third, apply and make a payment.

Remember the workshop for transferring is always very helpful!!! As an international student, when you fill out the forms, there will be some questions that you feel confused. The best way is to go to workshop, they are professional and patient. You can check the events for workshop in MiraCosta College website:
After applying for transfer, what you have to do is waiting for the
good news and then enjoy your university!!

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