Tuesday, October 20, 2015

About going back China during school break

Hi everybody.
I have been San Diego about 14 months, I haven't go back China in this 14 months even once.   I really miss my family and everything in my country, so I am planning going back home in this winter.  But since it is a international trip, the process might be more complicated and confusing than just travel inside the U.S. or China. I'm a little bit frustrated now, but I would like share my knowledge about this so that may offer some help for you.

First, the expiration day of my visa is one year from the day I got it, so it is already expired. There is no problem to have the visa expire while I am in the United States.  But when I go home in December, my visa need to be extended before I return to the United States.

Also, I changed my school from my language school which is located in downtown San Diego to MiraCosta College.  Therefore, I have to redo a visa interview.  I was told I need to bring all same documents with first time I went to visa interview: Bank statement, grade score, house proprietary certificate, etc. Every step is almost the same with first time.  (If I didn't change my school I can just pay ZhongXin Bank and they will help me expand my visa without going to embassy in person).

And by the way, my city is so beautiful, let's take a look of it :D

Isn't it beautiful? haha.

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